I’m Rachel, a mother on a journey towards sustainable living, peaceful parenting, and wholesome memories.

Approaching Home is a place where you will find real life experience and advice about natural birth, gentle parenting, slow living, gardening, recipes, handmade projects, and more.

To me, Home is a place that is always being built, always being perfected. It is growing, breathing, and constantly changing. Mothering is a learning process, but trial and error are the BEST teachers!

If you’re trying to make your life more abundant, more intentional, or just more good, then stay a while! I have something here for you!

Definition of "Approaching"

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and mother of three young children who I birthed at home in our little modern farmhouse. We spend our days in the garden, in the kitchen, and in books. I am an avid crafter and sewer, I’m always buried deep in 100 projects. I’m all about DIYing, weather its tackling the ins and outs of blogging or upholstering my own couch, I love to dive in and get my hands dirty!

We are slowly but surely turning our house into a home by building fences, planting trees, and decorating empty spaces. My dream is to become much more self sufficent, learn to keep animals and increase our gardening yields. I am drawn to the slow, simple, natural homesteading life but don’t come from that background and have to learn it by taking baby steps one at a time.

I have loved this journey called motherhood, I learn so much each day from raising children. You might find me reading a parenting book while nursing the toddler or baking bread with the baby on my back. I try to take my kids with me where ever I go, they are my world. I am learning each day how to become a more responsive and gentle mother.

Approaching Home is where I document and share all the things I am experimenting with and learning on this ride of life.

About The Author

  • My favorite color is yellow (could you tell?)
  • I am/was a philosophy student who dropped out to become a mother.
  • Sewing is my favorite hobby, but I also love to clean up after messy children.
  • My favorite food is sandwiches
  • At any given moment I am probably reading 5 books.
  • Motherhood is my ideal career because it fulfills almost every area of interest I have (cooking, teaching, gardening, etc)
  • I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

About the blog

I use a variety of images on my blog; my own photos, as well as stock photography. You are welcome to use my photos in a roundup post or similar type post, if you link back to the original page.

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