Bathroom Wallpaper Accent Wall DIY

Bathroom wallpaper sneak peek

This post is sponsored by Photo Wall, and I am extremely excited that I got to work with them on this project!! You can read more of my disclaimer here.

I love white, which is why we painted all the walls in our house white when we built our house. But now that we’ve settled in and gotten used to our space, I’ve been wanting to start adding some personality to the walls, one room at a time.

I’ve been eyeing some gorgeous black wallpaper I saw on Pinterest for a few years, but it was slightly out of my price range. (Darn you luxury wallpapers!!) I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do so I left the idea alone for a while.

Then, out of the blue, PhotoWall sent me an email proposing we work together on a project and I jumped at the opportunity to try their beautiful wallpaper murals. Spoiler, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Bathroom Accent Wall Before & After

I chose to wallpaper an accent wall in our toilet room/bathroom. I chose this wall because it was the largest wall in the room that had the least amount of obstacles on it. (The other walls had a window, a toilet, a mirror and sink, and light switches.) This wall did have a door, but still was the best option.

Here is what the wall looked like before:

Bathroom wall before pic

I chose a Bohemian Arrangement pattern. What makes this different from traditional wallpaper is that is does not have a repeating pattern, it is more of a mural. This means when you hang the wallpaper, it doesn’t show the entire design unless you have a large wall. I think it looks very custom.

Here is how that wall looks NOW!

wallpaper accent wall in toilet room

I LOVE how this accent wall turned out because although it is a pretty small wall, when you walk around the corner you get a perfect glimpse of the wall mural!

See that little moth in the corner on the bottom? So cool!

It looks so nice, and ties in great with the black tile floors and black mirror.

wallpaper in mirror photo

I had extra wallpaper because of the door in the wall that I decided to apply to another tiny wall in the bathroom by the cabinets. The colors in the florals on the wallpaper matched my cabinets perfectly.

wallpaper accent mural on bathroom wall

Wallpaper Installation

Is wall paper in the bathroom a good idea? Since this is a toilet room, I can close the door when the shower or bath is running to protect it from steam. Still, I am not sure how the wallpaper will hold up so this is an experiment I will have to keep you updated on.

I chose the premium wallpaper PhotoWall makes just to make sure it was extra durable, but I won’t know how it lasts until I leave it up for a while!

I have never installed wallpaper before, but it was decently easy to figure out. I applied it all in a day while wearing my sleeping baby on my back.

To install the wallpaper, you cut the strips off the roll they send you and line them up on the wall. I unrolled mine onto the floor to cut it apart, then lined it up on the wall, pressed out all the air bubbles, then trimmed away the excess.

We let it dry overnight and it looks like it will hold in place great. Make sure to give extra attention to the seams and the corners so it doesn’t peel up.

Wallpaper ladder

PhotoWall supplied an instruction video and they also have a tool kit you can order to make things easier. I did notice that although I lined up the seams perfectly, when the glue dried it must have pulled the wallpaper back ever so slightly because now I can see the seam. Since it is black wallpaper on a white wall, it is noticeable. I could have painted the wall first.

But it doesn’t bother me too bad because the design is so pretty!

Bathroom wallpaper around door trim

I do have a little bit left over, I might put it in the laundry room too.


If you are looking for wallpaper or wall murals, I would definitely recommend trying PhotoWall! My experience with them was very good, the shipping was super fast (I think I got it within a week) and I like that the paste was included.

The wallpaper is thick and durable, which I think will work very well with little kids running around. I’m not sure what it is made of, but it I can’t rip it or tear it. it is very thick and nice quality!

What do you think of this before and after? I’m obsessed! Thanks Photowall!

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