Blog Traffic & Income Report #3 – I Might Actually Be Doing Something Right!

3 Quarter 2021

Okay so if you read my last traffic and income report… you will know that during the middle of this year I started to get REALLY underwhelmed with this blog and really unmotivated.

My stats were dropping, my faith was dwindling, the sparkles in my eyes were getting dull. 😂

BUT OH MY GOSH THIS QUARTER went so much better! I am so excited to share it all with you! Because…

I may actually be figuring out this blogging situation…!

I’m still finding that my longest and favorite-est posts are not my post popular ones… but there is lots of good news this quarter so lets just jump in!


  • 15 posts published
  • Started an Instagram Account
  • Did an awesome blogging collaboration with Natasha Vukets
  • Implemented my first ad space with SOVRN and made like 2 cents! YO
  • Made more Etsy Sales
  • Was approached by a company to write my FIRST SPONSORED POST ever! Dude! (more on this below)
  • Signed up for Blog Meets Brand (no leads there yet)

Here are the stats:

  • Total Income This Quarter: Last quarter I thought I lost $3 to amazon when I was removed from their affiliate program, but actually they sent it to me! woot! Plus, I landed my FIRST sponsored post which I charged $150 for! Total: $153
  • Total Traffic This Quarter: 481!! that’s two and a half times what I had last quarter! I’m so excited! This month is even higher, I’m over 250!
  • Total Pinterest Engagement This Quarter: 2.23k! (Last quarter it was under 500!)
  • My Top Post This Quarter: How To Sew Yarn Doll Hair

I Landed My First Sponsored Post In My First Year Blogging!

So there I was, checking my always empty email inbox, when suddenly, an important email appeared. I clicked it, was it real?

They said they loved my blog and wanted to work with me! I freaked out! I asked my instagram followers (all 50 of them) if they had experience with sponsored posts, and what I should charge. I ended up creating a very nice document in Canva that listed my tier options and their prices and inclusions. I have no idea what pricing is standard so I just threw out some random numbers and it worked!

I was paid, the post was published and I am so excited. The company was SO good and easy to work with, plus I actually really like their products so it was easy to do. Win!

My blogging Goals for next quarter:

  • Make a youtube video
  • Continue writing my first Course (shhhh a secret is brewing!)
  • Reach out to more bloggers for collaborations! (if you’re reading this and you want to collab, lets do it!)
  • Maybe actually write a post that I’ve been working on for a year…

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