Chicken Salad, A Thrift Haul, and Window-Sill-Lettuce: How I’m Saving Money This Spring

Was that a click-baity title or what? 😂

We just got back from a minor thrift store shopping excursion and although I went in looking for some spring-appropriate jammies for my kids, I left with three bags full, and accidentally also bought myself two pairs of boots.

Funny how that always happens…

While I was in the store, a nice older lady approached me and commented on “all the hangers in my cart” and said something about how my “baby would be the best dressed baby” in the world. Ha!

I don’t know about that, this is thrift store clothing we are talking about…

But we did find some really cute things that I wanted to show off, as well as tell you a little more about 3 interesting and useful ways I am saving my family money this week! (Saving money in slightly unconventional ways has really turned into a hobby of mine!)

this thrifted dress is reversible!

So without further ado: let me tell you about how chicken salad, a thrift haul, and window-sill-lettuce are paying off my bills!

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How Hacking My Favorite Chicken Salad Recipe Saves Me Money

chicken salad

I am a pecan girl. I cant help it. But I have not a pecan wallet. So, when I make chicken salad for dinner I usually do three things to the recipe that ends up saving me a little bit of grocery money.

1. I substitute the pecans for walnuts.

This is a sad compromise, but one that I nevertheless make. Until I can have my own pecan tree, I can’t bear to fork over (pun intended) $4.08 more per bag just to make chicken salad… ugh. Its hard. But cents make dollars people, and chicken salad must be made. So I do it with walnuts.

2. I substitute the mayo for homemade yogurt.

I love making homemade mayo, but when I make cold salads like chicken salad, potato salad, or broccoli bacon salad, I usually use homemade yogurt instead of mayo, because it is healthier and cheaper! (Unless I am making Bacon Mayo for the broccoli salad, which is so good!)

Making yogurt is surprisingly easy, and saves me a good amount of money each month! We eat it in lots of creative ways, and I love knowing the kids are getting those good probiotics. Plus, the feeling I get when I make ‘pioneer’ food, just feels so good.

If you haven’t made yogurt before, you have to try it! It is not scary, I promise. I will show you how!

yogurt and toast

3. I make homemade croissants, or use rolls instead.

Have you ever bought a box of croissants? Its like buying a golden ticket to heaven, people. For a box of 4. Homemade croissants, although time consuming, are SO much yummier and cheaper, plus I make them from whole wheat. 😉

If I am particularly time-starved, I use homemade rolls instead. Chicken salad really is better on croissants, but I won’t turn it down if its on a roll. This is the roll recipe I have used for years now, yes, its whole wheat too.

So that is how I stay frugal even when indulging in delicious chicken salad. Summer is coming, so chicken salad consumption will be increasing, but the budget will not! Ha.

How I Save Money On Spring Clothes In A House Full Of Girls

found these boots today!

I actually love thrifting, because I find clothes that other people don’t have!

Now don’t get me wrong, if I was an ultra millionaire I would probably dress differently (daydreaming is the reason pinterest exists, right?) But I am really happy thrifting and making my own clothes.

But that’s not the end of the secret.

No, I don’t settle for lofty thrift store prices. I only go to thrift stores that offer 15% off survey-code coupons on every receipt.

Luckily there are a few of those around here!

So not only do I thrift, I use coupons on the thrift. Thats like, thriftception.

I know I’m not funny.

how do you model boots

Today, I spent about $50 on 25 items.

I’ll do the math for you, that’s $2 an item.

A mom’s dream.

The only time I can get a better price is when I go to clothing swaps, or make clothes myself, or when Walmart is having an end-of-season close-out sale and I can get new clothing items for $1-$5.

And we found some pretty cute things! Including some like-new boots for me and the girls. This is the closest to a fashion blogger I’m ever going to get, so enjoy these pics! 😂

both pairs are slightly too big, but I will wear them anyways!
cute little handmade toddler outfit I found
kids bunny boots
these were like new! We love bunnies!

Are you a thrifter? Have you had any awesome hauls lately?

How Growing Lettuce On My Window Sill Saves me Millions

That was a lie. I hope that was obvious.

Growing lettuce on my window-sill is really enjoyable to me. Having something growing in my house really brings me a lot of contentment, in multiple ways. There is something very grounding about gardening for me. My soul needs dirt.

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I have been known to have too many plants in the kitchen at times, but my sweet husband tolerates it and I do my best to keep it manageable!

This week I am growing an array of vegetable scraps in my kitchen. We have an east facing window in the kitchen, which is not the most optimal, but it is working just fine! From right to left I have:

  • Apple Tree
  • Celery & green onions
  • Another Apple tree
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Tomato starts
  • A Swiss Cheese Plant (funny that the name fits right in, but no, this is not edible. 🙂 )

The two apple trees are from seed, just for fun. I will transplant them in the yard soon and see what kind of surprise apples we get someday!

The tomato starts are from some tomato seeds I wiped off my baby’s shirt after lunch. Yes.

We made the tomato starter-pots from recycled toilet paper tubes. This was a really fun project for my toddler, she got a spoon and carefully filled them with dirt, then we put the seeds inside, and watered them well. We placed them all in a recycled container that we saved from some lunch meat, and after a few days they sprouted!

toilet paper tubes cut in half

The celery, green onion, and romaine lettuce scraps are rooting in glasses of water. After I use up the vegetable in my cooking, I let them regrow a time or two! It really works!

All you have to do is place the base of the plant in the water, and let it grow for several days. It is SO fun to watch them re-grow, it is quite fast! Overnight, the green onions and romaine lettuce just shoot up.

Lettuce Scraps
Here is the lettuce a few days ago!

This is like free groceries, but I mostly do it because I love it.

And the kids love it too, I think. At least, they like putting the dirt into pots. Homeschool science class, here we come…

I realize this post makes me sound like that one weird mom you know down the street… But so does this one. And this one. Its because I am that mom. That one token friend…

I’m okay with it. 😅

Looking for ways to recycle, reuse, be creative, be frugal, is so fun and fulfilling.

I hope these fun ideas have inspired you to pursue frugality. By doing lots of random stuff like this, we were blessed to pay off a great deal of debt last year! You can do it, too.

I want to know: How do you save money?

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