Easy DIY Crayon Valentines: Cheap, No Candy, For Boys & Girls!

kids crayon valentine craft

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I made these valentine printables a few years ago for one of my Etsy shops.

Now that I am no longer selling them on that shop, I thought I would send them on to you!

These are SO easy to make with stuff you probably already have at home (you might need to pick up a new box of crayons), and they are perfect for boys and girls.

Easy Crayon Valentine Craft

Here are some other things I love about them:

  • They are CANDY-FREE!
  • They are super cheap
  • They are reusable! Download once and use for all your kids!!
  • You can make them at home on your own printer
  • Good for a wide variety of ages, I recommend 18 months – 10 years
baby hand with valentine

If you need more candy free Valentine ideas, you’ve got to check out these adorable Racecar valentines I saw at Smart Party Ideas today! They are such a creative idea that would be a huge hit for elementary kids, and obviously much healthier than sweets.


Here is how I like to make them, but you can customize them however you like!

I print the coloring pages, cut them out, and glue them on a cute cardstock backing.

Then, I punch holes on the top and tie on a little string.

Finally, I tape a crayon on top using super cute washi tape.


Detailed Instructions:

Step 1:

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Step 2:

Print the coloring pages, they already come formatted to print 2 to a page. Make sure the settings are set to print at “100%”.

Step 3:

Cut out the coloring pages using either scissors or a paper cutter. I prefer to use a paper cutter to get very straight lines, but scissors obviously work fine too!

cutting valentine

Step 4:

Cut out a piece of colorful cardstock slightly larger than the coloring page, and glue the coloring page to it.

gluing a valentine craft

Step 5:

Use a hole punch (I use a heart shaped one) to punch two holes on top of the cardstock.

heart hole punch

Step 6:

Tie a piece of string through the two holes, and tie a bow

Step 7:

Using Washi tape, tape a crayon to the front. (Alternatively, you can tie the crayon into the bow during step 6.)

kids crayon valentine craft

And you’re done!

These valentines are going to be such a hit, and so unique! Let me know in the comments below how you used them!

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