Jack-O-Lantern Cut & Glue Activity (Free Pumpkin Printable)

Jack o lantern cut and glue printable on table with hands

Looking for a printable pumpkin activity for preschoolers and kids? This Jack O Lantern Cut and Glue activity is sure to be a hit! With many different face possibilities, your kids will love to practice their fine motor skills with some laughs along the way!

Lately, my kids have been obsessed with puzzles, pasting activities, and cutting paper. I came up with this Halloween printable as a perfect combination of all three!

Cut and glue activities are so fun because they feel so grown up for the kids. They love to do supervised cutting whenever possible, and I love that they are occupied for a long time!

Jack o lantern with spooky mouth

How To Use the Jack O Lantern Cut And Glue Printable

This Halloween printable comes with a super cute pumpkin and lots of different shapes to make the face. There are two mouth options, and lots of other shapes that can be used for eyes and noses. In fact, I even heard my preschooler tell my toddler that she was going to make STAR shaped cheeks!

1. Download the free printable.

Get your copy of the printable by clicking on the PDF download button below. I created this freebie for anyone to use at home or school, and you are permitted to make as many copies as you want! However, you are not allowed to re-sell it as your own, of course. 🙂

Download your jack o lantern here:

2. Print the PDF File

To print your document, make sure you set the scaling to “Fit to size” so it doesn’t cut off any of the shapes! I recommend printing a test copy before printing too many.

jack o lantern cut and glue printed on white paper

3. Cut out the pumpkin and face shapes

You can either cut the shapes yourself, or have the children cut the shapes themselves. Some of these shapes are kind of tricky which makes great practice for older kids. Younger toddlers will probably need help.

jack o lantern pumpkin cut out of paper

4. Arrange the shapes and glue them on!

There are so many ways to design the faces on these jack o lanterns! It is sure to prompt some fun experimentation and laughs.

The mouths and eye shapes can be mixed and matched, or even turned upside down. Perhaps the bat would make a good nose? Who knows what you will come up with!

jack o lantern pumpkin face with tooth

Just like in my Christmas Tree Cut & Glue Printable, you can choose to glue the shapes onto the pumpkin, OR you can also glue the pumpkin to a colored piece of paper as a backing.

The paper backing will give the kids a place to write their name or draw a little Halloween scene around their pumpkin. But the pumpkin by itself is very cute too!

Heres’s a tip to make the project easier: squirt some glue into a small paper cup and let your kids use Q-tips to ‘paint’ their glue on with!

jack o lantern face with star eyes

Fun Variations for this project

Want to take the project a step further? Here are a few ideas to make it even more fun:

  • Punch a hole in the stem and add a curly green pipe cleaner to make it look like a vine!
  • Punch a hole in the stem and tie a string around the pumkin so it can hang on a doorknob!
  • After the kids are done making their pumpkins, shine a flashlight though the back of the pumpkin to mimic how a candle would make it glow inside!

I hope you enjoy this activity! Let me know how it went in the comments below, and make sure to share it with your friends!

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