How To Organize Your Kids’ Clothes (2 Tips You’ve Never Tried!)

Folded Toddler Pants trick

Lately, keeping my kids clothes organized has presented me with two problems…. and solutions!


Sometimes, when I am sorting the laundry, I can’t figure out what clothes belong to who.

I know I’m not the only one.

Toddler shirts end up in baby drawers, toddler socks end up in dad’s sock pile, baby pants somehow end up on toddler’s head…

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Can’t you just read the label???”

That would be the dream.

But when your labels say this:

Label sizes vary a LOT

It just doesn’t work.

And when you have mom brain, you forget which clothes belong to which kids, even though you’re the one who bought them, and you’re the one who folds and mends and washes them…

You just need a system, okay!

So here’s the first tip, its SO simple! I learned about the hand-me-down-dot system from this smart lady and I want to pass on the news. Its genius!

Here’s how it works:

Your first born child gets 1 dot drawn on the tag of all their clothes. When they grow out of something, you add another dot beside the first dot. Now it has two dots, and you know that it now belongs to your second born.

But what if grandma gifts my second child with some jammies and they haven’t been handed down yet, and are completely dotless?!

Easy, just draw two dots. And when your kiddo grows out of the jammies, add a third dot for when they are handed down to the next.

It doesn’t even have to be dots, tally marks work too. 😉


I neatly fold the laundry and place it gingerly into the drawers with care, only to come in later to find…

Utter chaos.

Okay sometimes its my own drawers, and I’m the one who messed them up…

Enter: the Fold and Tuck Technique

I figured out a way to keep the kids’ pants folded, no matter what drawer-digging ensues.

Here’s the basic technique: First, fold your pants in half. Second, fold the waistband end a third of the way in. Third, fold and tuck the ankle end into the folded waistband.

See the photos below:

I’ve been folding the pants this way for a few weeks, and I love it! They stack so nicely and look neat. It’s really not any extra hassle, once you figure out the motions and get in the groove.

Heres how it looks from the side:

They really stay secure! Video proof.

I bet it even works on grown up pants:

It even works on underpants!

I realize I may be getting carried away…

I’m still perfecting the fold and tuck method for jammies and shirts. I’m sure it works with those too.

That’s it! Two easy tips to help you keep your kids clothes organized.

What do you do to organize your clothes?

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