Kid’s Firework Paper Craft {Fourth Of July}

Toilet Paper tube firework craft kids fourth of july activity decoration

Turn a toilet paper tube into a firework craft for this patriotic kid’s activity!

We have been collecting our old cardboard tubes to do fun crafts with, and today I want to share this July 4th activity we came up with!

These ‘fireworks’ make a cute kids-made decoration or table centerpiece, and are very customizable.

We didn’t have any star shaped stickers, but you could use them to decorate the craft and make them spangled!

This craft is very easy, it only has 3 steps. Let me show you how to do it:

Supplies Needed

supplies needed for fourth of july craft
  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Red, white, and blue paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Sparkly Paint (optional)

How To Make A Paper Firework Craft

Step 1. Cover The Toilet Paper Tube

Choose which color you want the toilet paper tube to be. I chose red.

Trace the toilet paper tube on the piece of paper, and cut out a rectangle large enough to cover it.

cutting out paper to cover a toilet paper tube for a firework craft

Then, wrap the piece of paper around the tube and glue it on.

covering toilet paper tube with paper

Step 2. Attach The Firework’s “Explosion”

Next, cut the remaining two pieces of paper (mine were white and blue) in half so there are two long pieces each. You will only use one half per color.

Take one of the papers, and cut slits down the length of the paper. Don’t cut all the way through the paper, leave about an inch above the “fringe”.

cutting paper fringe

Repeat this step with the other color as well.

Then, stack the two pieces on top of each other and glue them together along that uncut inch of space you left above the fringe slits.

glueing paper together

To attach the fringe “explosion” to the tube, generously coat the top inch of the inside of the tube with glue. Roll up the fringe loosely, then slide it into the tube. Press around the perimeter of the tube to make sure the paper explosion is attached well to the glue.

Next, give the explosion some shape by gently bending the paper fringe downwards around the outside of the tube.

making a toilet paper tube firework craft

Step 3. Paint On The Sparkles

The final step is to decorate the firework!

You can add star stickers, paint, whatever you have. We just painted on some silver sparkles which looked great.

toilet paper tube firework craft for the fourth of july kids activity

Then you are done!

These are pretty fun, and would look very cute all lined up in the middle of the table. I love letting the kids get in on the holiday decor, and upcycling household objects to use as crafts!

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