Blog Traffic & Income Report #2 – Failed Affiliate Marketing Attempt

2 Quarter 2021

Well we have just finished the second quarter of the year and the first 6 months of blogging. Some crazy things happened to me this month, as well as some sad blog things that I will tell you all about momentarily.

I have heard people say that blogging is a long haul game.

You won’t see results right away unless you are already a professional blogger, or you have full time blogging ability and endless money to throw at it. So basically…. Not me. Ha!

I was so gung-ho the first few months of blogging! All I ever thought about was blogging, and I was really excited to do it! I spent so much time designing and setting it up and doing all the boring blog stuff like website maintenance, tailwind and guest blogging (or attempting to guest blog…ha).

But these last three months I have seriously been losing steam! Man. It is all I can do to write a post every week or so! But here I am. Still chugging along.

Maybe you can relate. I have so many awesome ideas that sound SO great at first, I get so excited and think I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS, then after a while it gets kind of boring or disheartening and I think, “maybe I made a mistake!” Why are others successful and I am not??? Real talk. Why.

My most proudest posts I’ve written still have no comments. They are thousands of words long and took me weeks to write.

I hope someone reads them someday. le Sigh

In addition to the sad lack of comments, I was kicked out of the Amazon Affiliates program because I didn’t bring in enough sales in the first 180 days. Bummer! Maybe I shouldn’t have started attempting being an affiliate right at the beginning… Oh well!

Okay no more depressing musings. 😂 Here are some milestones and stats for the blog this quarter!

  • Published 27 posts and started about a million more
  • Was denied guest posting a few times on other sites
  • Was KICKED OUT of the Amazon Affiliates program. Ha! (Not enough sales…. I was $7 short.)
  • Gained a few newsletter subscribers (To be honest I think that newsletters are just spam. I feel like I may end up scrapping it and just authentically blogging.)
  • Accepted into the SOVRN ad program. Have yet to implement any ads.

Here are the Stats:

  • Total Income this quarter: Well since I got kicked out of the Amazon program, I lost all those earnings. Bummer! So I am in the negative technically. But I did have some Etsy clicks and have a few cents (like 40 cents) for that!
  • Total Traffic this quarter: 194 sessions (way down from last quarter, that’s embarrasing!)
  • Total Pinterest Engagement This Quarter: 466 (Clicks, re-pins, saves, etc. For impressions I had several thousand.)
  • My top Pins This quarter:

Bloggy Extras:

I made my first blog friend! Her name is Katie. She has a very pretty blog and blogs about parenting and organization. Check her out.

My goals for this quarter are:

  • Maybe get some Sovrn ads on the site
  • Work on my pins and old posts
  • Work on my book and pillar posts
  • Guest post

Did I improve this quarter? Not really. But I am still here and time heals all wounds 😂 Blogging is not a business for me, it is a creative outlet. I blog for myself and hope other people like it too. I’m not too into keywords and hype. I want to see if I can do this authentically…

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