DIY Unicorn Handprint Painting Activity

Completed painted handprint unicorn with paint and brushes on table

Turn your child’s handprint into a magical unicorn with this fun painting craft!

If you’ve never done a handprint painting craft before, it is so easy! Kids love getting their hands painted and stamping them onto a paper.

This unicorn craft is perfect for a birthday party, or just a rainy day. You will love how quick it is to put together.

Supplies Needed

  • Paper
  • Pink and Teal Acrylic craft paint
  • A permanent marker
  • A large paint brush

How To Make A Handprint Unicorn

Step 1. Paint & Stamp

To make a pink unicorn, paint your child’s hand pink! Make sure to get enough paint on their hand that it stamps well onto the paper, and work quickly so their hand doesn’t dry before stamping it.

To stamp the paper, have your child keep their fingers together and their thumb up. The thumb will turn into the unicorn’s ear, and the finger tips will be the unicorns nose.

Pink handprint on paper to make a unicorn

Step 2. Draw The Unicorn’s Face & Horn

Use the permanent marker to add a unicorn horn to the top of the head. I also added a pretty closed eye with eyelashes and a little smile.

Drawing a horn, and unicorn face on the painted stamped handprint

Step 3. Paint The Unicorn’s Mane

Use the blue paint to paint some long curling unicorn hair around the ear on the back of the hand.

Painting blue hair on the unicorn handprint

After the unicorn is painted, your child can paint all around the paper to add a background or details they like.

That’s it, the unicorn handprint craft is complete!


This activity would work great for a princess or unicorn themed party, and you can use other paint colors to customize your unicorns. You could also try using sparkly paint for an extra magical touch!

Diy unicorn handprint craft pink unicorn on paper with paints and brushes

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