Why I love Nicki’s Diapers & a diaper haul

Disclaimer: I am a Nicki’s Diapers Affiliate, and this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure for more info. Why am I an affiliate? because I liked their products so much I googled “Does Nicki’s Diaper’s have an affiliate program?” and they did! woot.

Have you heard of Nicki’s Diapers?

I love getting packages, but getting Nicki’s packages is even better and today I’m going to show you why!

If you’ve been around the blog you will know that I cloth diaper. I like cloth diapering. It’s not perfect, but it saves us a lot of money and I actually think it’s fun.

You can read about my super simple cloth diaper routine here, and also learn my top flat cloth diaper Pros and Cons.

I’ve used several brands of diapers, covers, and wetbags. I consistently like Nicki’s covers the very best. This week Nickis was having a a 50% off sale on a lot of items in their store, so I grabbed a few things for the future when I need them! Let me show you what we got…

What I like about Nicki’s Diapers & What I Bought for this mini Haul:

The first thing I like about getting a Nicki’s package is…. the box! It’s a cute box! There’s a baby diaper clad monkey coloring page on it. That monkey makes you excited to open the package up when you see it on your porch!

Learn how I painted this table here

When you open the box you will notice two things. 1: that almost nothing has its own plastic packaging. That’s great for the environment, great for saving a few seconds, and I don’t even miss it!

#2 interesting item to note is that everything is wrapped up in a huge piece of paper.

Open up the paper and you will see that it is also a coloring page! (I don’t know who loves this stuff more, me or the kids!)

But that’s not all. Because we spent over $50 we got to pick a “prize”. I chose crayons.

free stuff makes me glad.

The inside of the box is totally white and just asking to be colored on.

Give all that to the kids while you check out the diaper goods and everyone is happy!

Okay enough about the box… ha.

SO today what I am excited about most are these new covers I got. I got one regular snap cover, and two pull up potty training diapers! This is a product I’ve never seen before and I’m quite excited to try it. They look like they will be really good for allowing the toddler to pull off their own diaper while still being absorbent enough to catch small accidents.

Check out the Covers HERE

My younger toddler is not ready for potty training yet but when she is… I’ll be ready.

The granny apple green snap cover is one of the best covers I have ever used, and thanks to the price has earned the top spot of all time favorite cover. I’ve used many diaper cover brands, but I don’t think I will ever try another again. This is my cover.

I also am trying out Nicki’s flat diapers today. This is my first time purchasing and keeping flats that are not Cloth-eez (my other favorite brand) and they seem really really good. They are soft, quite large, and were an amazing price. I’m all about frugal!

Plus, Nicki’s has an AMAZING return policy. If you don’t love the diaper after trying it for 15 days, you can return it! Yes, literally! What! They call this the “15 Day Wash Period.”

I got a dozen because my old flats are getting quite thread bare, and are ripping apart. Time to replace!

Next up are the two Planetwise wetbags! The first ocean blue pail liner is an elastic topped wetbag for my diaper pail. I love these wetbags (I have 3) because they fit over a regular trash can. This is where I store my dirty diapers until wash day.

Look at all the cute design they have HERE

The second wetbag is a different type. This one has a zipper on top and I use these for travel. They work great for swimwear too. It’s the Planetwise brand again.

That’s all that I got in my package this week, but here are a few more cool things from Nicki’s I’ve been eyeing…

Nicki’s Diapers Wool Dryer Balls

I have some regular white wool dryer balls that I toss in with my diapers to help them dry faster. They work great! But when I saw these rainbow pastel wool dryer balls I instantly fell in love! I want 100!

Marley’s Monsters Bowl and Plate Cover

I have been thinking about how to cover my bowls and plates better in the fridge. I haven’t attempted to DIY anything yet but I might still make some covers or beeswax wraps. In the meantime these fabric reusable covers look perfect and so cute!

I might need to make another haul soon… you can never have too many cloth diapers!

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