DIY Handprint Bumblebee Painting Craft

Finished bee handprint painting on table with paints and marker

Your kids are going to love making a super cute buzzing bumble bee with their own handprint in this easy craft!

Handprint crafts are a real hit with the little kids, and I like them too! (I remember doing them when I was little!)

In this version of the stamped handprint craft, we are going to make a bumble bee. It is really quick and simple, let me show you how!

Supplies Needed

  • Paper
  • Black and Yellow Acrylic craft paint
  • A Black marker
  • A large paint brush

How To Make A Stamped Handprint Bumblebee Artwork

Step 1. Paint The Child’s Hand

For this bumble bee, the tips of the fingers will be the stinger and bottom portion of the bee, and the bottom round part of their palm will be the bee’s head!

You need to paint their hand very quickly and use a lot of paint so that is stays wet when you stamp it, or else it won’t stamp! So make your plan first and then do the painting.

You will need to paint five stripes. 3 black stripes, and 2 yellow ones. Paint a black stripe in the middle, paint a big round black head, and paint the bottom stinger (their fingertips) black. Then quickly switch colors and paint two yellow stripes in between.

It should look like this:

child's hand painted with stripes to make a handprint bumblebee

Step 2. Stamp The Paper

After painting your child’s hand, quickly help them stamp the paper. Make sure they keep all their fingers together, and their thumb down!

Gently press their hand into the paper, then lift it away to see the surprise below! (This is the best part!)

The stamped handprint should look something like this:

handprint bee stamped on paper

Step 3. Add The Finishing Bee Details

Let the paint dry, and then use the marker to add the finishing details to the bee! Here are some ideas of what you could draw:

  • Wings
  • Antennae
  • Legs
  • Eyes (or you could add googly eyes!

My daughter saw the handprint come to life when I drew wings and pointed at the fingers and said “those could be the bee’s pollen baskets!” (Can you tell we like bees around here?)

Finished bee handprint painting on table with paints and marker

Your child could also draw the background on the paper, a sky, a flower, honey, whatever they like to customize the picture and make it cute!

That completes the activity!


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diy bumblebee handprint craft on paper with paints and paintbrushes

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