20 Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards To Color

flowers mothers day card printable with roses and envelope

Looking for a free printable mother’s day card to color? Here are 20 super cute and totally free cards I created for you and your kids to enjoy!

I have been thinking about an easy DIY for my kids to send to grandma this Mother’s Day. They love sending mail and I like free, so those are the parameters I was working with. 😂

I came up with the idea to make some easy printable coloring page cards that we could also write a custom message in. I decided to expand on that idea and make a whole set for you to enjoy as well!

This set includes a few different types of printable & colorable mother’s day cards:

flowers Mother’s Day Cards To Color
  • Mother’s Day cards for mom. (Of course!)
  • Mother’s Day cards for grandma.
  • “Generic” Mother’s day cards that you can use for mother in laws, aunts, sisters, etc.

I also made some variation in the styles of the cards. There are some cards to color that are great for crayon toting toddlers, and some that have more grown-up designs that are better for older kids and tweens!

How To Print Your Own Mother’s Day Card To Color

printable mothers day card to color for grandma

To download the card you want, all you have to do is right click the card image and save it to your computer.

You will notice that on each card, the main image is on the right hand side. That is the front of the card. The back of the card also has a little design. It is meant to be folded in half, right down the center of the image. (Some of the cards have graphics that wrap around both sides, so you will have to fold right over them.)

Print the image as a landscape orientation print, with even margins on all the edges.

Once it is printed, fold it in half and color away! (You can trim the edges if you want to, the cards themselves should be around 3.5×5 once they are folded to fit into a small envelope.)

I tried to make a wide variety of options here. Funny, cute, sentimental, lovely, it’s all here! Let me know which ones you like best!

printable mothers day card and brown envelope on table with leaves

Printable Mother’s Day Cards for Mom

“I Love You Mama” With Flowers

"I love you mama" Card with Flowers

“Sweetest Mom Ever” With Desserts & Candy

"Sweetest mom ever" Card with candy coloring page

“To My Mother” Flowers In a Vase

"To my mother" Flowers in a vase card

“Best Mom Ever” With Heart

"Best Mom Ever" Card to Color with hearts

“Thank you Mom” Floral Card With Wreath

"Thank you Mom" Floral Card With Wreath

“I’ll Always Be Your Baby” With Vintage Mother and Child

"I'll Always Be Your Baby" With Vintage Mother and Child

“Mom… I have to tell you something…” Funny Mother’s Day Card

"Mom... I have to tell you something..." Funny Mother's Day Card
Anyone with a toddler should laugh at this one!

“Nacho Average Mama” With Nacho Chips and Cheese

"Nacho Average Mama" With Nacho Chips and Cheese
Get it?

“You’re a Breath of Fresh Air, Mom” Tulips & Clouds

"You're a Breath of Fresh Air, Mom" Tulips & Clouds

“One Groovy Mama” Retro Style With Daisies

"One Groovy Mama" Retro Style With Daisies

“MOTHER” Modern Artistic Card with Botanicals

"MOTHER" Modern Artistic Card with Botanicals

Printable Cards For Grandma

“Grandmother” Cursive, Floral & Leaves

"Grandmother" printable card with Cursive, Floral & Leaves

“Thanks for all the cookies, Grandma” Milk & Cookies

"Thanks for all the cookies, Grandma" Coloring Card with Milk & Cookies
This card is dedicated to my late grandmother who we lovingly called “grandma cookie”

“To Grandmother’s House We Go” Cottage

"To Grandmother's House We Go" card with Cottage

Generic Mother’s Day Cards (Mother In Law, Aunts, Sister, Etc)

“Happy Mother’s Day” Butterflies & Moths

"Happy Mother's Day" card with Butterflies & Moths

Curly “Happy Mother’s Day” Birds with Hearts

"Happy Mother's Day" Birds with Hearts

“Happy Mother’s day” Flowers

Floral printable mothers day card to color

“You Gave Me Wings” Card with Beetles

"You Gave Me Wings" Card with Beetles

“You Brighten My Life” Sunshine & Sky

"You Brighten My Life" Sunshine & Sky

“Happy Mother’s Day” Daffodils & Ribbon

"Happy Mother's Day" Daffodils & Ribbon

I hope with all these cute options you can find a mother’s day card to color with your kids!

You are welcome to share these cards online, pin them, etc. Please link back to this page to give me credit for my hard work.

Which card are you going to try?

Some graphics in this post came from Freepik or Rawpixel

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  1. These printable Mother’s Day cards are so beautiful! You did an amazing job and I love that you made it so simple to pick what you want and download/print for your little one to color! Happy Mother’s Day!

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